ISO 9001:201 Quality Management System Sözal Chemical Industry and Trade Inc.

As SÖZAL, with our unconditional satisfaction approach, our aim is to fully meet the expectations and needs of our customers by:
• Maintaining the effectiveness of quality management systems and continuous improvement in all areas of our activities,
• Fostering employee development and ensuring employee satisfaction for long-term collaboration,
• Establishing a strong foundation with suppliers based on transparency and honesty for long-term cooperation,
• Developing systems to ensure employee health and safety and prevent occupational accidents,
• Contributing to environmental protection by utilizing resources efficiently, reducing waste, and controlling costs,
• Acting in compliance with national and international legal requirements,
• Keeping up with technological advancements and conducting design and development activities in our relevant processes,
• Maintaining transparency towards our stakeholders in our practices,
• We are committed to providing innovative products and services to our customers.