Mission Vision Sözal Chemical Industry and Trade Inc.


We aim to become a leading global brand in the industry by our customer-centric approach and offering innovative solutions utilizing technology.


We aim to always deliver better price/performance ratio to our customers and value trust-based long-term relationships.

We see innovation and solution-oriented approach as the key to sustainable success, and embrace respect for people and nature as the essence of our operations.



Based on the responses given in surveys conducted with internal and external stakeholders, our prioritized values are Customer Satisfaction, Quality, Sustainability, and Openness to Innovation, with Respect for Nature and People being the fifth closest value to these. By combining the concepts of Trustworthy and Respectful, which stand out in our brand perception surveys, under the umbrella of Ethical Responsibility, we have created our value map. Through meetings and consensus reached with the executive board and top management, we have categorized Sözal values under six main headings.