Quality Policy Sozal Chemical Industry and Trade Inc.

  As SÖZAL, with our understanding of unconditional satisfaction, in order to fully meet the expectations and needs of our customers;


  • To maintain and improve the efficiency of quality management systems in each field of our activities
  • Long-term partnership by giving importance to the development of our employees and ensuring employee satisfaction,
  • Long-term cooperation with our suppliers based on openness and honesty
  • Develop systems to ensure full employee health and safety and prevent occupational accidents,
  • To contribute to environmental protection by using our resources efficiently and reducing our wastes and to keep our costs under control,
  • To act in compliance with national and international legal requirements,
  • to follow technological developments and to carry out design and development studies in our related processes,
  • To be transparent to our stakeholders in our practices,
  • In addition to the conscious work of our employees with high motivation and determination to succeed, we are committed to achieving consistently high quality and providing innovative products and services to our customers.
Environmental Policy Sozal Chemical Industry and Trade Inc.

Environmental Policy