OUR MİSSİON & OUR VİSİON Sozal Chemical Industry and Trade Inc.


 to be a worldwide-known-company that meets the changing and emerging requirements of customers.


to be a valuable- worldwide company that meets the future expectations of the sector, and whose products are commonly used or consumed.


Respect and Commitment

We do our jobs righteously with our heart.

We make clear promises, always fulfill our promises, and report the results.
We continuously improve ourselves and our colleagues.
We behave honestly, transparently and consistently in all our relationships,establishing long-term
relationships based on trust.

Being “Us

Our first and common mission is customer satisfaction. For this reason, we support each other, we
appreciate the support given to us.
As much as individual performance, we care and support team performance. 
In all our communications, we first listen and understand the needs.
We trust each other and  respect each other's expertise.
We make our decisions considering the subject as a whole and consider with the all points of view.
As Sözal and Segen, we protect and support each other, and also our society and the environment.


We don't think about how things can think about how things can not be done, instead we consider new approaches.
When standard procedures couldn't meet the demands, we use our knowledge, experience,
technology and relationships to solve the problems. 
We develop new ideas and implement them to make our customers and each others' lives easier.

We embrace change; we know that everyone, including ourselves, need to do their part for the
As long as we can learn from our mistakes, we take initiative and encourage to use.
We define performance, based on objective and measurable criterias and evaluate it fairly and
We certainly appreciate a good work and we also provide feedback to improve each other. 
We defend what we believe to be true in a rational way to the end, and work hard to realize our projects.