Code of Ethics Sozal Chemical Industry and Trade Inc.

Employees shall comply with all laws and regulations, regulations, and related chemical industry rules governing their work.

Employees shall act in the interests of Sozal Company and avoid situations where personal interests conflict with Sozal Company's interests as much as possible. Relatives of interested parties may be considered within the personal interest of an employee, depending on the situation.

Employees shall notify Sozal Company prior to this situation in case of their secondary employment or membership of the board.
Sözal Şirketi, özellikle özel rüşvet ve fayda sağlama yoluyla rüşvet dahil olmak üzere, doğrudan veya dolaylı hiçbir türdeki rüşvete müsamaha göstermeyecektir.

Sponsorship payments, cash payments and other gifts to politicians, political parties, societies and other organizations can only be made if the laws are applicable and subject to prior approval by the Company, and all such expenditures will be kept in the accounting record.Gifts and other grants will not be accepted where it may affect the healthy decision-making power of the employees or may direct the employees to a specific act. In case of persistent offer of such gifts, the Company shall be informed and counter measures shall be taken together with the Management.

Sozal Company is committed to the international struggle against money laundering and the funding of terrorist activities. No Sözal employee may be a party to such activities and may not trade insider trading.

Sözal Company supports a lively and fair competition environment. In this context, compliance with Competition Law is the policy of Sozal Company and all employees are expected to act in line with these principles.

All employees employed by Sozal Company shall be in absolute confidentiality with respect to all trade secrets owned by Sozal

Company and learned through the Company, both during and after the Company.

All assets of Sozal Company may be used only for the positive activities of Sozal Company. Employees are obliged to properly protect these assets against loss, damage, unauthorized use, theft, embezzlement or destruction.

Sozal employees are prohibited from copying and duplicating existing information systems software packages.

Employees may not use the Company's assets for illegal or unethical purposes.

Sozal Company is aware of its responsibility to protect the environment and is obliged to act with this awareness in all production processes and in the selection of its products. All Sozal employees are responsible for protecting people, other employees and the environment within the scope of their duties and responsibilities.

National and international laws may impose restrictions on the import or export of goods, services and technologies. In this case, Sozal employees will strictly obey these restrictions and prohibitions.

Sozal Company has adopted the four basic principles of the International Labor Organization, namely freedom of association, right to collective bargaining, non-child labor and non-discrimination, and applies these principles to its employees.

All employees have the right to be treated fairly, respectfully and in accordance with courtesy.

Sozal Company signs each of its employees, including this Internal Code of Conduct, while employing each employee and organizes a one-hour seminar annually.